What Types of Digital Ads are Most Effective?

Understanding Digital Advertising

At WebDesign309, we implement many tools and advertising methods to create a campaign focused on building our clients’ brands and helping increase lead generation. However, what tools are the most effective? How does WebDesign309 choose what to use for each business, and what digital ads are more likely to produce results? The answer might surprise you (or be exactly what you expect)! Allow WebDesign309 marketing to explain the types of digital ads we produce and when each can be used with your digital marketing campaign.

What Types of Digital Ads are Most Effective?

Display Ads

Any ad you see on a website, app or social media that contains images, text and a call to action is a display ad. These ads are basic yet the most common types of ads produced by a digital marketing agency. However, as simplistic as they can be, they can be incorporated into various advertising campaigns, making them incredibly versatile. You can find display ads in web banners, as part of a social media ad, placed as interstitial ads, and more.

Video Ads

Rather than static images and text, a video ad relies on video. It can be a simple testimonial, a how-to guide, a non-skippable ad on YouTube, etc. Ultimately, video ads are the same as display in their goal but differ in their function. If an ad campaign calls for more engagement, appealing to a sense of entertainment or education, video ads can prove more effective than a standard display ad. Video ads have been used in many unique advertising campaigns.

Social Media Ads

As you can guess from the names of these digital ad types, social media ads involve placement on social media platforms. They can be paid or organic, with links that direct potential customers to the website. The placement of ads can be affected by the social media platforms used. For example, you can place ads directly into people’s newsfeeds, or some platforms put your ads in the sidebar of a site. Overall, social media ads aim to redirect traffic back to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you want your business to appear at the top of the results pages for popular search engines like Google or Bing, PPC is how it can be done. PPC involves ad placement in search engines disguised as an organic result. While consistent content creation and search engine optimization can lead your site to show organically on search engine results pages (SERPs), PPC helps you cut the line and boost your business to the top of SERPs. As effective as PPC ads can be, they can quickly drain your marketing budget if you aren’t careful.


Ad retargeting is unique from other digital ads in that ads are presented after initial engagement with a website, not to drive traffic initially. When a potential customer visits your site, a pixel or cookie attaches to their user profile and tracks them throughout their buying journey. As they browse other sites, they will continue to be shown personalized ads that relate to your business or the specific product/service they first viewed. As a buyer does not typically commit to a purchase on their first visit to a website, ad retargeting helps keep potential customers on the hook.

What Types of Digital Ads are Most Effective?

What’s Best for Your Advertising Campaign?

The answer: it depends! There’s no one digital marketing ad or technique that works better than the rest. In truth, each digital ad type has its uses and merits. For example, video ads are preferred for their engagement potential. However, video can’t be placed everywhere. Thus, display ads are still used alongside video. Or, when creating ads for social media, they can be display or video! In fact, paid ads in social media are similar in function to PPC. The point is that no one surefire digital marketing method is guaranteed to produce results. It takes a combination of digital media to create a cohesive marketing strategy best suited to creating leads and establishing your brand.

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