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We Started with a Goal: To Help Grow Your Business

Even before the start of WebDesign309, Rich Randolph was always looking to help others. Whether through hard work or friendly advice, Rich was determined to assist friends, family and acquaintances be their best possible selves. Even as part of his days working in the Yellow Pages, Rich would go above and beyond for his clients, becoming the go-to account manager for dozens of high-profile companies. After seeing the success these companies could achieve with some additional support, Rich believed he could do more for others outside his current position. Thus, WebDesign309 was born!

Who We Are

Founded in 2012 in Peoria Heights, IL by Rich Randolph and Sean Seckel, Webdesign309 has always had one goal in mind: helping our clients capture the maximum number of leads and sales. Over the years, our company has adapted and grown, with Sean departing the company in 2015. Prior to this time, we were heavily focused on building websites and had a smaller focus on marketing. However, since then, WebDesign309 has shifted in our service offerings, with a greater emphasis on lead generation and branding.

While we still build websites for companies all over the country, we are heavily focused on marketing. This includes brand development, online marketing, as well as traditional marketing methods. Today we serve over 800 companies in 13 states with SEM, SEO, Television, Video Production, Social Media, Graphic Design, Outdoor, and much more. We are one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in the country, with offices in Peoria,  the Chicago area and Tampa, FL markets.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Sophisticated Custom Websites – Our designers go all out to create websites that are beautiful, highly functional, and rich with content and graphic design.
  • Marketing Plans to Meet Your Goals – Our team utilizes proven digital and traditional marketing techniques that help build your brand, grow your audience, and convert potential leads.
  • KPI-Driven Mentality – We work with clients to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so we can put into place a marketing strategy focused on what’s most important for your business’s success.
  • Savvy Dashboards for Realtime Campaign Monitoring – The data for your marketing campaign, its overall performance, and the work being done is all tracked and shared via a detailed, online dashboard.
  • Relentless Dedication to Our Clients’ Success – Our team will make adjustments and recommendations for your campaign so to maximize your results and help achieve the most possible success.
  • Talented Individuals Well-Versed in Their Fields – WebDesign309 hires exceptionally talented digital marketers, project managers, and web designers to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality service.
About the Owners

About the Owners:

Rich & Heather Randolph have dedicated their professional careers to helping local and regional companies. They have both been managing marketing for local companies for over 25 years. As local business owners themselves, they understand the desire to capture market share while maintaining affordable options for most budgets. They have 2 daughters, 2 dogs and a cat, and love spending time with them when they aren’t helping their customers. Together they make a formidable force in the marketing industry!

Advantages of our Highly Developed Services

Cookie-cutter websites just don’t…well, they don’t cut it. Your business deserves better.

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Our History


WebDesign309 is founded by co-owners Rich Randolph and Sean Seckel. The company got its start in a quaint Peoria Heights office, with only a small team of a web designers and a dream!


WebDesign309 expands it’s services to offer a more comprehensive list of services. This includes SEO, SEM, and more.


With a growing request from clients to offer traditional marketing services we formed 309 Marketing Group. With this addition we started offering TV, radio, outdoor, print and video production.

2018 – 2019

WebDesign309 expands to new markets, establishing locations in Schaumburg, IL and Wesley Chapel, FL.


The 309 Team moves to the company’s current office, located in Downtown Peoria, overlooking the scenic Illinois River.