Programmatic Display & Video

Programmatic Display & Video

Learn What Programmatic Display and Video Advertising are All About!

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Do you find programmatic display and video advertising a bit of a mystery? Our digital marketing agency can break it down for you. Programmatic display and video is an automated form of advertising that uses programs and online tools to buy and place ads on your behalf – let’s take YouTube as an example:

  • When users select to view a video, they are often presented with ads that may either be skippable or non-skippable. As an advertiser, you only pay for the skippable advertisements once the user has watched 30 seconds of it or until completion.
  • Video ads provide businesses with an effective and efficient way to get their message across in a concise manner.
  • With the YouTube app, online viewers can access your ads on their mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs – giving you a broad reach across multiple platforms.
  • Video advertising strategically placed on applicable mobile devices or laptops can entice viewers to click through and drive traffic back to your business’s website!

Programmatic display and video advertising are also effective tools on Google. Videos that you see on sites that leverage Google AdSense rotate – meaning two following visitors to the same website will likely not be exposed to the same content.

Does Using Programmatic Display & Video Ads with Social Media Work?

Maximizing the reach of social media requires a strategic approach – and that’s where programmatic display and video advertising come into play. Take Facebook or Instagram as an example: With 3.5 billion users on these platforms, you can reach customers like never before by targeting them with relevant ads crafted to their interests. The process is simple yet effective when executed correctly!

  • When visitors scroll through their feeds, videos open up instantaneously – creating an engaging and immersive viewing experience.
  • Just like regular posts, video advertising can be commented on and shared by users, thus allowing your business to gain more exposure. As a result of this increased reach, you can further expand your brand’s potential market!
  • Videos are a powerful tool for attracting attention to your company’s Facebook event pages and website. We use relevant messages that appeal to potential customers/clients and drive traffic back to your site.

What Are the Advantages of Programmatic Display and Video Advertising?

Ready to learn how programmatic display and video advertising can fuel your business with unprecedented revenue growth? Allow WebDesign309 experts to explain the numerous advantages of this powerful tool. The remarkable benefits of programmatic display and video advertising include:

Enhanced Targeting of Your Audience

Programmatic display and video advertising from your business can help you hone in on desirable demographics for your products and services. Our online marketing tools allow us to select the time of day that consumers should see your ads and target users based on their interests, browsing behavior or location. Further still, programmatic displays provide insight into what websites and apps are most popular amongst potential customers, so you know where best to deploy specialized ad campaigns. Take advantage of these powerful targeting techniques:

  • App or Website Targeting – You can guarantee that your advertising will be seen by specific app or website users, providing you with increased visibility.
  • Demographic Targeting – Accurately target your desired audience by delving into demographics such as gender, age, education level, income range, interests or any combination.
  • Contextual Targeting – With strategic content-based advertising, your business can effortlessly target a receptive audience and maximize views.
  • Geographic Targeting – You can focus your attention on a distinct geographic area to reach more potential customers.
  • Re-Targeting – You can reach out to customers who have already interacted with your business website through visits or purchases via targeted ads.
An illustration with monitors, phones and tablets displaying ads through Programmatic Display & Video

Get More Return on Your Investment

Programmatic display and video advertising offer a cost-effective way to maximize the effectiveness of your online ads. By taking out the guesswork, you can spend less money targeting parts of your audience that are unlikely to make purchases from your business – ultimately allowing you to get more bang for your buck!

Also, these ads are typically less costly than traditional online advertisements due to being categorized as “remnant inventory.” This is mainly because the sellers have difficulty selling this space on their own. Consequently, the ad space is “auctioned off” at a much lower cost.

Enjoy Advanced Tracking Capability

Programmatic display and video advertising allow your organization to monitor users who have seen your ads. Additionally, you can evaluate data that will tell you the total number of conversions made within a certain period. Even better, it offers insight into the category and worth of each conversion derived from those who viewed or clicked on your advertisements.

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