What is Ad Retargeting?

How Can You Reach Your Preferred Audience?

When browsing the web, casually looking for a product or service, how often do you choose the first offer you land on? You are most likely not committing to buy from the first website you visit. While you might like a product or service enough, you want to do your research and take your time selecting what’s best for you. However, if you do return, companies and advertisers don’t want you to forget where to go! That’s where ad retargeting can come into play. With help from WebDesign309, we can get your website set up with ad retargeting, a powerful conversion and lead generation tool.

What is Ad Retargeting?

Ad Retargeting Explained

Ad retargeting is a digital marketing strategy designed to recapture the attention of individuals who have visited your website without purchasing or filling out a form. By placing a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your site, we can anonymously follow your audience across the web, displaying relevant ads that remind them of the products or services they viewed on your site. This constant, gentle reminder serves to bring them back to your website, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversion.

How it Works

To best understand ad retargeting and how it works to track/follow potential customers, here is a simple run-down of the process:

  • Initial Visit – Through standard advertising efforts, word of mouth, or brand recognition, a potential customer/client has reached your website.
  • Leaving without Conversion – Although the user found great information on your website and is interested in purchasing your products/services, they wish to continue their search. At this point, they click off your site.
  • Tracking – Users are tagged with a cookie or pixel before leaving your site. This “digital tracker” will follow the user along their browsing journey.
  • Shown Ad – After a short period, unique ads are placed on the sites or social media pages a user frequents. These ads remind the user of their previous visit to your site, potentially personalized with the specific product or service they first viewed.
  • Return and Conversion – Ideally, after being prompted with targeted ads, the user will be inclined to revisit your website and complete their initial purchase or service inquiry, completing the conversion process.

What Can Retargeting Do for Your Business?

Ultimately, ad retargeting is one of the best ways for your business to engage with potential leads and have them return to your website. As long as you have visitors to your site, this effective digital marketing tactic produces results! Some of the benefits of an ad retargeting campaign include:

What is Ad Retargeting?
  • Increased Engagement – By re-engaging users who have shown interest in your products and services, you keep your business at the top of those users’ minds. Thus, they are more likely to return to your website over others without retargeting.
  • Higher Conversion Rates – Because ad retargeting only targets the individuals visiting your page and interested in your business, the likelihood they convert is significantly higher, thus leading to higher conversion rates. In fact, marketers found retargeted ads performed 92% better than other search and display ads.
  • Greater Versatility – An ad retargeting campaign is useful across various commercial sectors and industries. No matter your business, the ability to segment your audience based on their behavior and interests enables more personalized and effective marketing efforts.
  • Brand Visibility – More than selling your products or services, retargeted ads are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and recall. Continuous exposure ensures your brand remains memorable to potential customers, increasing their likelihood of returning to your site.

Give Ad Retargeting a Try

If your company wishes to harness the potential of ad retargeting alongside a bevy of exceptional digital marketing services, call the professionals at WebDesign309! We can get your marketing strategy started right with PPC, SEO, social media management, website design, and much more. To learn more about our company and services or to request a free quote, call 309-213-9398. WebDesign309’s main office is located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 202, Peoria, IL 61602.