What Does Impression Share Mean for Your Website?

Should You Worry About Impression Share?

If you’ve messed around in Google Ads or spoken to other digital marketers, you’ve likely encountered the term “impression share” before. But what does impression share mean? What information can you glean from a high or low impression share for your website? Most importantly, where should your impression share be, and how can you affect it? Talk with the professionals at WebDesign309 to learn everything you need about impression share.

What Does Impression Share Mean for Your Website?

What is Impression Share?

Impression share is a metric used in digital marketing to measure the percentage of impressions your ads receive compared to the total number of impressions they were eligible to get. It highlights how often your ads are displayed to potential customers when they search for relevant keywords. A high impression share indicates your ads are appearing frequently and successfully reaching your target audience. Conversely, a low impression share suggests your ads are missing out on potential impressions, possibly due to budget constraints, poor ad positioning, or heightened competition. Understanding your impression share helps you strategize for better ad performance and enhanced visibility.

How Can You Drive Your Search Impression Up?

While there are several different types of impression shares, WebDesign309 primarily assists clients in managing their search impression share through popular search engines like Google. However, this management of search impression share can be complicated for those less familiar with ad creation and placement. Thankfully, all you need are the experts at WebDesign309; we know all the tips and tricks for getting your search impression share to an impressive place. For example:

  • Increase Your Budget – This is the simplest method for increasing your impression share and (admittedly) the method that Google prefers. If you increase the budget behind your PPC ads and other online advertising, you increase the frequency of your ads display to potential customers. Of course, WebDesign309 will only recommend a budget increase after we’ve tried other methods for boosting your impression share.
  • Improve Ad Quality – If the ads being used in your campaigns are outdated, unenticing, or bland, you’re not likely to attract many leads. As a result, your ads can be limited by Google and shown to a smaller audience. However, improving your ad quality will increase its Ad Rank (value Google places on your ad). Ad rank can be increased by improving click-through rate (CTR) via engaging copy, relevant keywords, and an enhanced landing page experience.
  • Enhance Targeting – Sometimes, the original target of your ad campaign might not fit the keywords and demographics you’re focusing on. Now, precious ad dollars are wasted on people not interested in your company! In such cases, serious adjustments can be made to your ad targeting. You can refine or exclude keywords through Google’s ad program, adjust the range or areas your ad shows, define the traits of your preferred audience, and more.
  • Optimize Ad Schedule – Similar to changing the targeting of your ad, you can adjust your ad schedule. This means you choose the times Google will attempt to show your ads to interested users. For example, if you know your target audience is more active at the end of the workday, you might have ads running from 3-7 pm. In optimizing your ad schedule and ensuring your ads are shown during peak activity hours, you increase the likelihood of impressions.
What Does Impression Share Mean for Your Website?

Boost Your Impression Share with Help from WebDesign309

Whether you are worried about your ads’ impression share or wish to take a different approach to your marketing strategy, count on WebDesign309! Our team of expert writers, designers, developers and digital marketers understand the intricacies of advertising on the web. Allow us to be your guide to the digital space, boosting your sales and lead generation in the process. To discuss a new advertising campaign with our team, call WebDesign309 at 309-213-9398.