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Unlocking Your Data: What Web Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

Unlocking Your Data: What Web Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

Posted on 6 July 2022

It likely took considerable time and effort for you, as a business owner, to get your first commercial venture up and running. Starting a business is no simple task; your responsibilities only increase as your business grows. However, what happens when that growth stops? Is there a reason behind the stagnation in your company? Why might you have trouble attracting more customers or clients? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found in the analytical data behind your business. With help from WebDesign309, we can supply business owners with the information they need to understand their audience and grow their organization.

What Can Detailed Data Tell You?

There’s plenty that can be interpreted from the extensive consumer data contained within your business’s operations. It’s just a matter of extracting that data and interpreting it! Thankfully, WebDesign309 has the tools and knowledge necessary for analyzing consumer data and acting on its findings. Some examples of what an understanding of your analytics can tell you include:

  • Who’s Finding Your Business? – You can have an expensive ad campaign be totally useless if you aren’t marketing to the right audiences! However, by monitoring the type of people visiting your website, interacting with your ads, and following you on social media platforms, we can build a profile of your ideal customer/client. Using this profile, we can begin to refocus your ads based on demographics like age, employment, hobbies, location, etc.
  • Is Your Content Engaging? – Data can tell you plenty about what people think of your website. For example, your web traffic might be high, but you might have people bouncing off your site and its web pages after a few seconds. While the problem could be technical, it’s more likely your site’s content isn’t engaging with users. It might be time for a content refresh to ensure your content catches potential clients and keeps them on your site.
  • Are You Ranking on Google? – As long as your business is local and relevant to what potential customers might be searching for, your site ought to rank near the top of some searches. However, when analysis shows your site’s webpages consistently rank on the fourth, fifth, sixth or higher Google Results pages, you have potentially uncovered an issue with your site’s SEO. By auditing your website, we can quickly determine the most likely causes for your site’s lack of SEO.
  • Is Your Site Optimized? – Google is all about the user experience when it ranks your website. If your site possesses relevant content and is fully functional and optimized for desktop and mobile, your website will likely rank high. However, specific analytics and tests can be performed to check the actual optimization of your site. Ultimately, if your website is bogged down by plugins, large images, little mobile optimization, etc., users and Google won’t stay on your site.

What Can Be Done?

Unlocking Your Data: What Web Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

The above issues only represent a fraction of what your website analytics can tell you about your website. Whether analyzing your marketing campaign’s progress or researching your clients, WebDesign309 has the tools to gather all the data we need. We can perform a one-time analysis of your current site to provide our insight and recommendations for improvement. Otherwise, our data monitoring tools are best utilized to analyze and optimize your digital marketing campaign. With WebDesign309, you can be confident the decisions we make for your website and marketing are all based on the current analytical trends of your site. We quickly identify potential issues and provide efficient, long-lasting solutions to improve your site traffic, attract more leads, and much more.

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A wealth of crucial data for your site is waiting to be unlocked! Thankfully, with help from the digital marketing experts of WebDesign309, we can uncover said data and use it to create the best website and digital marketing campaign possible. To learn more about your website analytics or the additional marketing services our company provides, call us at 309-213-9398. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 201, Peoria, IL 61602.