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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Posted on 12 December 2014

WebDesign309 is posting this to help others understand what SEO (search engine optimization) really is. Over the past several years we have heard many definitions, as described by our clients from other companies. One company stated they did social media marketing, and this was true SEO. Another developer stated they do SEO when they build a website, and in reality this is  HTML coding. The truth is these are part of SEO, however there is only one truly proper way to do SEO.

Search engine optimization is made up of 3 distinct categories that all must be addressed in order to have a solid foundation. Here are the categories and descriptions:

On-Page SEO (Proper Coding/Content)

Many websites are missing proper page titles and descriptions. These need to be unique and relevant, and should never begin with your company name. Page content should be 300-500 words and contain keywords you are trying to be relevant for, without overly selling the point. We recommend around 2% keyword density. Make sure you link each page to other relevant pages using ‘anchor link’ strategy.  Images need to have ‘alt tags’ describing what is contained in the image. There are dozens of best practices that not only affect how search engines see your website, but also how it is displayed to visitors. We can talk about the points discussed here as well as others in our initial consultation.

Social Media and Blog Posts

Social media and blogging are an important aspect of SEO. Posting relevant content that help consumers make informed decisions is key. You want to include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and a blog in your mix. Use your blog to help buyers and your social media to keep buyers up to date on current events and special offers. We prefer  ‘Plug-In’  strategy for social media within your site code.

Off-Page SEO

This is the most vital part of SEO and where you have to pay some money. Many believe you can SEO off-page with any company and achieve the same goal. The truth is you might get short term results with a poorly managed SEO campaign, however your rankings will drop fast if not properly built. An example of a poorly managed campaign is ‘link stuffing’, this is where companies link your site to hundreds of non-relevant websites to try and trick Google. Google has figured things out and you will fall in rank just as fast as you rose. Links should be relevant to your industry and the sites you choose should have some authority.

Here is a list of what Webdesign309 offers with SEO service:

  • Authoritative back links
  • Directory submissions
  • Blog and article writing
  • Ongoing updates to your website coding
  • Google+ Local, Google Maps, and much more.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote regarding SEO and/or a website analysis please call or email our experts.