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Reduce Annoying Spam Calls and Attract Quality Leads with Call Tracking

Reduce Annoying Spam Calls and Attract Quality Leads with Call Tracking

Posted on 26 September 2022

You’re not alone if your business’s phone has been inundated with spam calls lately. In addition to the “Google My Business” calls we discussed in last month’s blog, your company’s phone line might be overwhelmed by vendor calls, financing offers, robocalls, and much more. However, of these phone calls, none are more annoying than the calls where no one is on the other line. And while there are few ways to outright stop spam calls from occurring, there are methods for reducing these calls and filtering them out. One such method, call tracking, not only fights spam calls but can assist you and your company’s marketing endeavors. Allow 309 Marketing to explain how.

What Are Silent Calls?

We’ve all picked up those calls where no one is there to respond to your greeting. One or two of these calls might seem odd, but nothing to fret over. However, as we’ve seen many of our clients (including ourselves) encounter, these “silent calls” are constant. We’ve had many clients express frustration when receiving between a dozen and half-a-dozen of these types of calls per day. You might not know that these calls are partially why you continue receiving more spam.

The purpose of calls with 10-13 seconds of silence is to confirm whether your business exists and if your phone is active. As most call centers already have their hands full, bombarding other individuals and businesses, they don’t want to waste time calling random numbers that might be inactive. For this reason, silent calls are made to confirm whether a person will pick up on the other end of the line. Hence, after a silent call or two, you’re likely to receive spam calls from a live person.

How Can You Prevent Spam?

The endless influx of spam calls can seem nearly insurmountable! Thankfully, such is not the case. By implementing call tracking into your regular marketing services, you can significantly reduce the spam calls you might receive. Through call tracking, a trained representative will sift through the calls you receive and help mark what is or isn’t relevant to your business. If a call seems like spam, your representative will block that number from calling back. Unfortunately, call centers are masters of spoofing their numbers, and blocking spam calls before they occur is impossible. However, call tracking can at least reduce the avenues a scammer can reach your business, making it challenging to send more spam your way.

What More Can Call Tracking Do?

While call tracking is an effective way to limit the spam you receive, it’s also a valuable service for its effect on advertising campaigns. 309 Marketing is a huge supporter of call tracking, offering this service to many clients. Call tracking often compliments online marketing efforts by identifying your key audience, where you receive the most calls, and making it easy for you to follow up on potential leads. Some of the marketing benefits of call tracking include:

  • Learning What Works – There’s no point in continuing an online marketing campaign if it isn’t netting your company any leads. With call tracking, we can identify the online marketing programs that seem to be attracting the most customers. By attaching unique call numbers to your homepage, online ads, organic SEO pages, directory listings and GMB profile, we can identify exactly how a potential lead reached your business. As a result, we can refocus marketing efforts toward the online avenue with the most people calling.
  • Understanding Your Calls – How are your employees answering calls? Are there many calls being missed? Are you without a way to gather data from previous calls? These are all concerns that are easily rectified with call tracking service. Through call tracking, 309 Marketing can analyze the number of calls you get, how many calls were missed, how many might be quality leads and more. Additionally, keeping a record of past calls ensures you can implement proper quality control for handling each call.
  • Gathering Data – Understanding your audience can sometimes be a challenge. However, who better to inform you about the best demographics to target than your audience themselves? Call tracking can gather data about the people calling your business. We can learn how they found your business, the product or service they’re most interested in, their location, approximate age, and more. Such data allows marketing agencies like 309 Marketing to precisely target your audience, helping you attract leads that are more likely to convert.
Reduce Annoying Spam Calls and Attract Quality Leads with Call Tracking

Where to Begin?

Thankfully, call tracking is a simple enough service to implement for 309 Marketing. Most of our media clients utilize call tracking, enabling our team to give them the most data and best results possible. If you are interested in cutting down your spam calls and perfecting your marketing strategy, allow 309 Marketing to get you started with call tracking! To learn more, contact us today at 309-228-9640. We are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 201, Peoria, IL 61602.