Pay Per Click Management Schaumburg IL

Pay Per Click Management Schaumburg IL

For Pay Per Click Management Schaumburg IL Clients Need, We Can Deliver

The competition for top rankings on Google is exponentially high. Everyone wants to secure a spot on page one. You’re no different. To get noticed, you’ll need to shell out some cash. Rest assured, your investment with PPC will be more immediate and measurable than SEO, which takes longer thanks to its organic approach. Become a force to be reckoned with online and capture more Internet real estate for your brand. To help in this endeavor, WebDesign309 can help. We are an experienced online marketing firm that can help you make a positive impact on organic click-through rates through pay per click. You may already be going organic with SEO, so why not try paid as well? For pay per click management Schaumburg IL clients need, choose WebDesign309 to deliver results.

How Much Does a Click Cost?

This will depend on your business, your intentions, and your budget. Essentially, pay per click is part of an SEM (search engine marketing) strategy that resembles an online auction occurring in real-time. This online marketing model brings more traffic to your website, whereby advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads. This is a good way to buy visits to your site rather than earn them organically. The team at WebDesign309 determines your cost per click through these factors:

  • Competitive nature of the keyword
  • Cost of goods or services
  • Maximum bid set on campaign
  • Geographic target area
Pay Per Click Management Schaumburg IL

Why Pay Per Click in Schaumburg?

We understand you’re busy trying to grow your business, so you likely don’t have time to manage your own PPC campaign. Why not let us handle it? Rest assured, our team has helped more than 1,000 companies create websites that garner attention online.

An effective search engine marketing campaign requires several elements to come together for results. Part of ensuring we drive more traffic to your site requires:

  • Creating landing pages relevant to keywords, also called “dynamic search results”
  • Tracking conversions and managing lead generation
  • Including ads with “call to action” features
  • Removing non-performing ads
  • Developing re-targeting campaigns

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