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What you need to know about Pandora advertising

What you need to know about Pandora advertising

Posted on 16 March 2017

When you are planning to advertise your company, the best places for your ads are the places where your consumers will see or hear them, but how do you figure out where that is? Before, if you wanted to advertise your company to consumers where they were listening to music, you had to advertise on local radio stations. Radio advertising can still be valuable, however fewer people are listening to the radio than just a few years ago. Now, Internet-based radio stations are becoming more popular, and Pandora advertising is on the rise.

Pandora vs. Traditional Radio

Your local radio stations may still have listeners, but do you know when your consumers are listening to the radio? Do you know what stations they are listening to? Advertising on traditional radio can be tricky, unless you know which stations your target audience listens to, and when. Placing your ads on local radio stations takes trial and error. On the other hand, if you place your ads on Pandora, you don’t have to guess where and when your target audience is listening. Instead, all you have to know is what kind of audience you want.

The Advantages of Advertising on Pandora

Pandora Radio has many advantages over traditional radio, and can help you advertise only to potential consumers. The advantages include:

  • Targeting by Region: Pandora Radio may not be local, but the consumers who see and hear your ads will be. You can target your audience by counties or zip code, meaning your ads will only reach potential customers.
  • Targeting by Age: Are you trying to attract more millennials or appeal to an older crowd? Just tell us the age range you want, and Pandora will only display your ads to those users.
  • Knowing Their Lifestyles: Do you run a veterinary clinic and only want pet owners to see your ads? Pandora, unlike traditional radio, knows exactly when a pet owner is listening to Pandora and will display your ad on their screen!
  • Shorter Commercial Breaks: Pandora listeners won’t get tired of commercials, because usually there is only one or two between a set of songs. Pandora keeps their commercials short so their listeners stay engaged, including your consumers.
  • And Much More!

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