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The Internet Marketing Service Schaumburg IL Companies Rely On

It’s a given in today’s world that every business needs a well-designed web site. But if that’s all they offer the world, then that’s a problem.

Without smart internet marketing, no one will know a website exists! It may still appear on searches, but likely rank low. And, unfortunately, most people don’t look past the first few pages on Google.

Instead, an effective internet marketing service in Schaumburg IL can play an essential role in getting a site noticed.

By using a variety of digital marketing techniques to connect with potential customers and methods to rank higher on searches, suddenly, the website that no one was seeing is getting all sorts of traffic.

WebDesign309 can provide a selection of offerings for businesses interested in boosting their internet marketing efforts. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are looking for guidance to improve what you’re already doing, we can help.

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The good news is that along with Internet marketing service in Schaumburg IL, we’re a web design company. Thus, we can help refresh your existing site to look better, load faster and perform well on mobile devices. A combination of good web design and efficient internet marketing goes a long way to promote your business.

Look at the Rankings

Two primary tools for internet marketing service in Schaumburg IL are integral to helping businesses reach wider audiences online: search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing

One is Search Engine Marketing, which focuses on creating online products to increase visibility and grow traffic. SEM strategies can include designing banner ads for other sites that can connect to your site. It also can consist of a group of ads to be used in different places. Some of the placement and frequency of these are based on your budget. Also, how often you estimate people will notice and click for more info.

Search Engine Marketing also can include landing pages, which interested online visitors can use to reach your site from social media posts, email newsletters, or other sites and references. The pages themselves describe a specific promotion or event and encourage visitors to explore the website more or take some action like buying something or requesting more info.

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Search Engine Optimization

The other tool is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This helps your pages rank higher in searches by trying to match up specific keywords with what words users are looking for. For instance, if someone looks for something like “digital marketing near me” or other products or services, there’s a good chance your digital marketing company in this geographic area will come up high.

SEO marketing can also involve looking at content on your web site to make sure it includes many of these words, phrases or variations of keywords so to enable pages to rank higher.

SEO marketing and SEM are just the beginning of the available options for internet marketing service in Schaumburg IL.

For more information about WebDesign309 or to arrange a complimentary website analysis, please call or visit our Schaumburg office at (847) 906-2287 or in person at 1320 Tower Road Suite 169, Schaumburg, IL, 60173.