How Often Should You Refresh Your Website?

When Should You Consider a Website Redesign?

You have a website for your business, and that’s great! However, how long have you had that website? Is it fresh, having been recently created? Or are you looking at a five or more years old site? Depending on the age and state of your existing website, it might be time for a redesign! Moreover, when determining how often you should refresh your website, allow WebDesign309 to offer our insights.

How Often Should You Refresh Your Website?

Average Time Between Site Refreshes

There’s a difference between the standard updates your site will require and the complete overhauls that should be implemented every few years. As far as minor changes to your site’s content or formatting go, you should do this as often as necessary. That might mean updates once or twice a month, a week, or even a day! Ensuring your website is always accessible and includes the most up-to-date information is essential for its success and your business’s success in turn.

Beyond the tweaks and changes you’ll want to make often, there comes a time when a website might require a complete redesign or refresh. We’ll discuss the reasons for such an overhaul in the upcoming section. However, it’s worth noting that the web is constantly changing! This means eventually, even in a few years’ time, your website might rely on slow and outdated systems and features. That’s why, on average, WebDesign309 recommends businesses overhaul their website’s design every two to three years.

Why an Occasional Website Redesign is a Must

Your website is an essential tool for your business’s brand and advertising. It tells your organization’s story, expresses your personality, and ties together your brand. However, just like your car needs a tune-up every so often, so does your website. Keeping your website fresh, new, and up-to-date ensures your audience can easily find you online and that popular search engines rank you highly. Not to mention, recent advances in technology like AI have made it more critical than ever to stay current with the latest trends. Plus, with a fully reworked website, you can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings – Google and popular search engines constantly change how they value and rank websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, you will fall in SERP rankings if you’re not constantly updating your website’s content to match current search engine optimization (SEO) standards! Updating your website’s content ensures it stays relevant to current SEO trends and garners more visibility on search engines.
  • Enhanced User Experience – As your website’s code ages, various functions and features might no longer work as they should. Furthermore, your website might lack new add-ons and plugins that it can now take advantage of. By implementing a website refresh, you can update your site’s design to enhance navigation and user experience. In turn, this can lead to increased visitor engagement.
  • Mobile-Friendly Optimization – Today’s consumers are using their phones to find or research businesses more than ever! To this end, you want to ensure your website functions properly on mobile. However, even if your site was initially designed with mobile-friendliness in mind, app updates and technological advancements can hinder mobile functionality. Updating your website ensures it can continue to function seamlessly across all mobile devices.
  • Faster Load Times – Today, the average attention span of adults is about 8.25 seconds; not a lot of time! As such, if your website takes too long to load, users are likely to click off it and look elsewhere for their needed products or services. Thankfully, when updating your website, it can be optimized to significantly reduce website load times, thus impacting user engagement and conversion rates.
  • High-Quality Content – Not only do you need to worry about the SEO value of your website’s content, but the accuracy and quality of the content itself. If prior writers have left grammatical mistakes, errors, or mischaracterizations in your content, it’s well worth the update. Refreshing your website is an opportunity to review and improve the quality of your content, which is vital for attracting and retaining your audience.
  • Increased Credibility – Older sites with broken functionality and convoluted organizational structures don’t scream “professional” to visitors of your website. The last thing you want to do is drive potential customers away because of the design and function of your site. A well-designed and regularly updated web presence gives your business greater credibility, demonstrating professionalism and a commitment to quality.
How Often Should You Refresh Your Website?

How to Get Started

If you suspect it’s time to refresh your website, let the professionals at WebDesign309 lend a hand. Our dedicated developers, designers and writers take great care to ensure your business’s site is fast, organized, easy to understand, and mobile optimized. Also, with additional digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization or paid online ads, WebDesign309 can help your business website stand out from the rest! To learn more about WebDesign309’s services for digital marketing and web design, schedule a consultation by calling 309-213-9398.