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4 Reasons Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate Right Now

4 Reasons Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate Right Now

Posted on 26 February 2018

Google to Flag Websites without SSL Certificates as “Not Secure”

In January, Google began putting a warning flag in search results on websites without SSL certificates. So, when a user tries to visit a site without one, they will get an ominous warning screen asking them if they are sure they want to continue because the site is “not secure.” Needless to say, this will scare away many users who do not want their personal data compromised. In addition, Google Chrome will show all sites without an SSL certificate as “not secure” by July 2018. That’s important considering this data on browser use:

  • Google Chrome – 72% of desktop users / 59% of all users worldwide
  • Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Safari combined – 25% of desktop users / 32% of all users worldwide
  • Other Browsers – 3% of desktop users / 9% of all users worldwide

Wait, What’s an SSL Certificate?

A Secured Socket Layer (SSL certificate) is a cryptographic protocol that allows for a private channel of communication between a webserver and a browser.

It turns a web address from: to

This signals that an outside authority (the SSL certificate issuer) has scanned and verified that the website in question matches the credentials it is reporting.  The SSL ensures that:

  • Information sent back and forth from browser and server are private
  • The browser is communicating with the server it should be
  • The data transfer has not been changed as it travels between the server and browser

Reason 1 – Google Demands Your Website to Be HTTPS

Google’s opinion matters and they want you to get an SSL certificate. Since Google is sending a majority of search traffic your way, it is a necessary cost of doing business. Furthermore, Google will start to downgrade your search ranking results if you do not own an SSL certificate. With the safety initiative intended to protect its users, Google is attempting to protect its customers, not penalize you. Therefore, even if your site does not have an ugly warning right now, it will in a few months.

Reason 2 – Improved Customer Relations

In light of all data breach stories making headlines, you want your customers to be confident with your business. Like it or not, these warnings will affect user experience on your website. Nobody wants to be told they are going to a potentially harmful website. Many tech-savvy customers already have negative feelings about using sites without SSL certificates. These discerning clients view it as the site is not being kept up to date and maintained like ones that do have SSL certificates.

Reason 3 – SSL Certificates Do Provide More Safety

By purchasing an SSL certificate and integrating it into your website, you are making transactions safer. In fact, it ensures data gets encrypted before being sent out, making it harder for hackers to steal. This is particularly important when sharing sensitive data such as credit card numbers during online purchasing.

However, this is not restricted to ecommerce or banks. Any website that shares any personal data (such as filling in a contact form) should do it securely. That’s the whole reason Google rolled out the warning on sites with forms.

Finally, even sites without ecommerce or forms, should buy and integrate an SSL certificate. Why? It decreases the chance of content rejection and helps you avoid third-party attacks. What is a third-party attack? It’s when two parties think they’re communicating with each other, but a third person is eavesdropping on these communications and changing them to steal information or money. It can be very harmful.

Reason 4 – SSL Certificates Help SEO and Speed

Another added bonus is that securing your site gives access to HTTP/2, a major enhancement of the protocol used to transmit data. A huge benefit of HTTP/2 is that it’s faster, since it was designed to prevent latency to speed up page loads. Since page load speed is a major factor in search engine optimization, switching to HTTPS (and HTTP/2) can improve your search engine rankings.

4 Reasons Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate Right Now

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