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Facebook Ads Grand Rapids MI

Facebook Ads Grand Rapids MI

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Facebook Ads Grand Rapids MI

Your customers use Facebook. If you don’t, you are missing out. Not convinced? Look at these numbers from updated industry research:

  • 2.13 billion people use Facebook worldwide
  • 1.74 billion actively use Facebook on mobile devices
  • 1.40 billion log onto Facebook daily and use it daily
  • 1.15 billion use Facebook daily on mobile devices
  • 10 million websites view like and share buttons daily
  • 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second
  • 29.7% of Facebook users fit in the 25-34 age demographic

WebDesign309 believes having a social media presence on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus is a vital part of doing business these days. To that end, we provide Facebook ads Grand Rapids MI companies use to get more leads and sales. Whether you are just getting started on social media or want more effective management of your current marketing, WebDesign309 can help you. So, call us at 616-931-5009 or Request A Free Quote online today to get started.

Leverage Facebook to Engage Your Customers

WebDesign309 offers Facebook ads Grand Rapids MI businesses use to get results by connecting them with their audience in meaningful ways. Our approach to Facebook campaigns has worked well for our more than 1,200 clients. Because we strengthen your brand, more people are aware of who you are and consider buying from you. In order spread that awareness, our campaigns focus on:

Facebook Ads Grand Rapids MI
  • Social Credibility – Interacting with your customers fosters positive associations with your brand. When you lend your voice to altruistic messages of value, relevant news items, helpful links and interesting photos, your customers take notice. At WebDesign309, we can help you develop profiles and content marketing strategies so that your social media presence is positive and consistent.
  • Increased Traffic – Facebook is another path back to your website. Furthermore, your customers can become some of your best salespeople to their friends and family. By liking and sharing your posts, your audience does the work for you to expand your potential customer base.

Unblock Leads with Facebook Ads Grand Rapids MI Clients Use to Grow

WebDesign309 puts Facebook, one of the largest marketing resources in history, to work for you. In order to get started, call us at 616-931-5009 or Request A Free Quote online.